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So your looking for information on windows and doors. At Centric Home Improvements we have an array of interesting articles. If you have questions because your are looking to change your windows or doors, our blog at Centric Home Improvements can help you. Scroll below to find out about Fire Escapes, condensation in windows, Double glazed V’s Triple glazed or are you paying the right amount to name a few.



Find out the facts about condensation (in or on) your windows with our guide on what you need to know.…

Fire Escapes

Fire safety in any new home is not achieved by one single measure. Instead, it is compiled from a collection…

The best ways to add value to your home

Adding value to your home is an important consideration for any homeowner, whether you have bought brand new from one of the large developers, or set your sights on climbing the property ladder by doing up an existing property.


Condensation in windows

Our Centric guide to Condensation in Windows I have had my new windows installed and there is condensation, “Is something…
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